NTN Technical Training Unit

NTN Technical Training Unit

What is the Technical Training Unit?

NTN's Technical Training Unit (TTU) is a custom mobile training unit offering a variety of courses for all maintenance issues. The mobile training unit is equipped with a portable computer controlled projection system and wide-area screen. The unit is also equipped with a variety of bearing installation tools and hands-on examples to be used during the demonstration. The Technical Training Unit allows NTN to provide on-location training for our distributors and end users.

To find out more about NTN's Technical Training Unit, please contact your NTN sales representative or regional sales office.

What Information Does the TTU Cover?

NTN’s mobile training enhances learning by guiding students to apply knowledge immediately through in-class exercises and demonstrations. Mobile units in the USA and Canada make consultations with NTN engineering and field service specialists easily accessible at plant and manufacturing facilities.

The training includes:

  • Installation
  • Shaft and housing fits
  • Lubrication
  • Failure Analysis

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